#1 long term project in crypto

Receive passive income
and sustainable APY

Receive 2% of passive income in BUSD, BTC, ETH or WBNB
first time in crypto without dependence on volume!


Fixed APY


Selectable rewards


Earn interest every

30 minutes


Our story and vision

We've worked hard and developed the most innovative and revolutionary protocol in crypto history to solve the main problem of today’s passive income projects.
Missing sustainability.

“ Finally, a project that solves the problem of declining volume and missing sustainability. “


Seed Investor

Providing passive income

First time in Crypto the protocol provides ongoing rewards without dependence on volume! This leads to a steady flow of passive income for our investors.

No long term sustainablility

Our token concept was developed around our emergency exit that supports the chart and softens the impact of investors leaving the project.

No Money minted from air

As our reward system is not based on volume but liquidity instead, we're able to provide ongoing rewards even on low volume.

Pension explained

How it works

Our designated goal in the long term is financial freedom for every investor in Pension. This will be reached by a safe and sustainable project paired with a massive APY.

Powered by DeFi

Most stable, risk-free and sustainable passive income in history of crypto. The urgently needed advance in DeFi protocols!

All-in-one dApp

While using our fully customized and decentralized app, investors will be able to freely choose how to balance their rewards and interest. No matter if you prefer rewards or high APY - it's all in your choice!



Collected and distributed as following:

3% Liquidity

Also going directly to liquidity

3% Marketing

Allocated for marketing payment

2% Development

Funding future developments

2% Team

Funding the team




Collected and distributed as following:

3% Liquidity

Also going directly to liquidity

3% Marketing

Allocated for marketing payment

2% Development

Funding future developments

2% Team

Funding the team


future plans


First steps on our journey to sustainable passive income!

Phase 1

2022 Q1 - Q3

Creation of mechanism
Contract creation
Start of Certik Audit
Homepage creation
Seed Sale
500 members on Telegram
Whitepaper V1
First partnerships

Phase 2

2022 Q3 - Q4

dApp release before wl presale
Last contract improvements
Release of Certik Audit
Private sale
2,000 members on Telegram
Massive Marketing Campaign
Alpha presale on Gempad
Apply to CG & CMC

Phase 3

2023 Q1 - Q2

Release of iOS & Android App
Implementation of DAO
Credit Card Payment
Additional feature development
Expanded offline marketing
More partnerships
Whitepaper V2

We're hiring

Meet our team

A strong core is fundamental. Just like a truly loving relationship.

O.B. Memoji


Chief Executive Officer

In charge of the Pension mothership
and inventing the projects of the future.

Moon Advisor Memoji

Moon Advisor

Chief Marketing Officer

In charge of the PR control panel
and onboarding new valuable partners.

Unsphere Memoji


Chief Technical Officer

In charge of the development control panel
and turning things back on.

Sir Tris Memoji

Sir Tris

Smart Contract Developer

In charge of the security control panel
and turning bright ideas into code.

Daim Memoji


User Interface Designer

In charge of the color palette
and turning sketches into masterpieces.

Madi, Olya & Yle Memoji

Madi, Olya & Yle

Investor Support Moderators

In charge of improving software quality
and helping our beloved community.


Answers to your questions

We're here to help you! He who doesn't ask a question remains a fool forever.

Chat with us

Why should I invest?

Pension is a long term passive income project. Our mechanism will cause the liquidity to grow daily, which means you'll receive daily rewards likely forever.

Is the project safe?

We are trying to be as transparent as possible. Due to this we have chosen Certik to audit our contract even before the private sale.

Why do you think it is sustainable?

As the concept improved we erased all issues we found in other projects creating the most sustainable high APY project of all times!

What about audits?

Like mentioned before we really care about our investors security which only lead to one audit partner: Certik

What about doxxing?

The team won't doxx in public, but fulfilled the KYC by Gempad before the private presale. Please follow this link for certificate

Who are the team members?

The team consists of members from europe and canada that are combine by one big wish: Creating the ultimate sustainable project!

What options do I have to receive my rewards?

You can freely choose your rewards from $BTC, $ETH, $WBNB, $BUSD, $PENSION & $DAI for now. More assets will be added over time.

What makes the protocol different than others

Unlike other protocols that only provide rewards based on volume, $PENSION Tokens reward protocol is based on LP. The higher the LP the higher the rewards.

Anything else to add?

Looking at the chart you can see that the mechanism is working like a clockwork. You can check our dapp for more information.

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